Leaked certificate suggests that Uhuru Kenyatta scored a D in KCSE

Nairobi, January 13 a document shared on social media suggests that the commander-in-chief, Uhuru Kenyatta scored a D in KCSE.

It also suggests that Uhuru Kenyatta sat for his KCSE in 1976 and flunked in all the subjects.

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For starters, Uhuru Kenyatta never sat for KCSE but KACE in which he did three subjects as opposed to the nine which are in the leaked document

Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE) was scrapped in 1989 which is the year that KCSE was introduced into the Kenyan curriculum.

From then onward, KCSE became the University level entry examination.

Still, in 1989, this was the same year that Uhuru exchanged nuptials with Margret Kenyatta. So it is unlikely that he sat for the said exam.

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The certificate comes just days after Mombasa Governor, Hassan Joho caught in a purported leakage of his education transcripts.

The transcripts alleged that Joho scored a D in KCSE when he sat for the exam Sereni secondary in 1993.

Of course, the legitimacy of the said documents could not be authenticated by this publication. A presser from Joho’s team trashed the documents as fake and propagandist.

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