Married woman gets stuck while bonking a young lad (photos)

Nairobi, Friday, January 13 Residents of Kisii town were treated to drama when a couple got stuck will bonking at a private lodging.

The woman’s elderly husband had sought the services of a witch-doctor who has put up shop in the town to help curb the cases of adultery in the area.

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Unbeknownst to the woman, her husband had sought services to lock her genitalia after he caught wind of her loose ways.

At a lodging where the two had gone to ravage the forbidden fruit, the proprietor was roused from his afternoon nap by deafening screams from the room that he had just rented out.

Couple gets stuck while romping in Kisii town

On inspection, he realized that a couple was stuck in the act. He raised alarm and that’s when residents came and took the couple to the witch-doctor.

They were carried on the back of a pick-up truck as amused residents of the banana-rich town took photos.

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The woman’s husband says that he will take his wife back but promised to punish the young man who was disrespecting the honor of his marriage.

This is the third incident in the town in a span of 3 months. The witch-doctor who is originally from Ukambani says that he will punish all the adulterous people in the region especially with the increased HIV and venereal diseases transmissio

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