Home politics NASA is not a worthy opponent – Ruto

NASA is not a worthy opponent – Ruto


Kasarani, January 13 Ruto was forced by thousands of Jubilee Party leaders to repeat his sentiments at the Kasarani Stadium as they launched the Jubilee Smart Card.

The VP while addressing the leaders that had gathered to officially launch the Jubilee membership drive,asserted that this year’s election slated for August 2017,would be significantly different in five ways in comparison to the election that saw Jubilee ascend to power in 2013.

It’s his fourth mention however, that would electrify the room with chants of “Rudia”, as the delegates insisted on hearing a repeat of the point.

“In 2013 we faced a formidable opponent,with half of government. A sitting Prime Minister, a sitting Vice President but today, we face a clueless, rudderless, leaderless, planless, disorganized opposition.”

This was said even as the leaders in attendance were assured of a free,fair and Democratic nominations in the run up to the Elections by both the Vice President and President Uhuru Kenyatta.


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