Home News Uhuru’s goverment issued 3 million fake title deeds

Uhuru’s goverment issued 3 million fake title deeds


Nairobi, January 17  A Kenyan court has ruled that 3 million title deeds that were issued by the Jubilee government were actually fake.

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The High Court made a ruling that since 2013, the government has been issuing title deeds without following the due process which rendered the titles void.

The ruling was made by judge Joseph Onguto and affects over 3 million title deeds which have been issued by the government since 2013.

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Uhuru has previously issued millions on title deeds in the coast region in a move that was seen as an attempt to woo voters in the region.

In light of the ruling, the court has given the title holders 12 months to follow the dues process to make the deeds legitimate.


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