Michelle Obama cuddles with Obama

Nairobi, January 20 The Obamas made their debut and endeared their way to the hearts of millions of U.S. citizens and  globally.

Right from their campaign in 2008, to their farewell speech in Chicago, the Obamas didn’t shy away from displaying their affection on camera.

The Obamas await the arrival of President Xi before the State Dinner

The acronym PDA (Presidential Display of Affection) came to be associated with the first couple’s outright behavior. It was not uncommon for the first couple to steal kisses, hold hands or throw telling looks at each other.

Michelle snuggles against Obama

What made the Obama love affair more appealing is that according to many, theirs was not a love brewed in mars, but from the depths of their hearts. As such, even their display affection came out so effortlessly.

In most of their public appearances one could tell that the couple valued each other. Besides, they talked fondly of their better half in their speeches in Obamas political career.

The President and First Lady escort visitors to a State Dinner
Michelle and Obama holding hands in a public function

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