Home Entertainment DP William Ruto blasts his “baby mama”

DP William Ruto blasts his “baby mama”

DP William Ruto gestures

Nairobi, February 3, After Ms Prisca Chemutai Bett submitted an affidavit seeking upkeep from the Deputy President, the DP has blasted her over what he terms as “blackmail… by politicians and other busybodies”

DP William Ruto gestures

Through her veteran lawyer Gitobu Imanyara, Ms Prisca has sought the upkeep of the DP Ruto’s 11-year old daughter Abby Cherop Ruto.

However, the DP Ruto through a tweet revealed that Ms Prisca had given birth to other three children.

DP William Ruto

In his tweet, DP Ruto requested that the fathers to the other kids should take their responsibility.

DP Ruto’s family during a state function

The DP expressed that he would not take care of the other kids other than Abby whom he recognizes as his daughter.


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