Exclusive: Obama enjoying doing the “forbidden” (photos)

Nairobi, February 8, Shortly after transferring the reigns of power to President Donald Trump, Obama and Michelle boarded Marine One for the last time at the backyard of the Capitol.

Obama glances at the White House one last time

This would mark the beginning of the vacation for the former POTUS and FLOTUS.

Barack Obama and Malia visit Honolulu zoo

Since then, little has been heard about the Obama’s. So what exactly have they been up to?

Obama kitesurfing

Photos of Obama water-sporting at the Caribbean Island of Moskito have emerged. The island is owned by billionaire tycoon Richard Branson.

Obama looking happy and relaxed with Branson

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Throughout his presidency, the Secret Service forbid Obama from water-sports such as kite-surfing due to security concerns.

Obama enjoying the thrill of the sea

Ever seen him look happier? Only Obama can tell how it feels to cede the presidency at 55 years.

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