Humble couple’s 3.5 million valentine posh wedding (Photos)

Nairobi, February 14, Wilson Wanjohi and Ann Muhonja became an overnight social media sensation after photos of their humble wedding circulated.

Ann and Wilson on their famed wedding day

The Kasarani couple incurred Ksh 100 (1 US dollar) to have their union officiated in holy matrimony.

The wedding reception venue

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There was no fault in their stars as a Ksh 3.5 million dream wedding reception party has been finally thrown by well wishers.

The wedding cake

And yes, it had all the pomp and glamour that was absent during the first wedding ceremony.

Ann Muhonja stunning in her wedding gown

The only expenditure then was their wedding rings that cost Ksh 50 each sealing the entire wedding budget.

Wilson Wanjohi preparing for the d-day

However, lady luck came knocking at the couples life soon after.  Different well-wishers streamed in and offered the humble couple different gifts.

Photo session at the reception

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Among the ‘tokens of appreciation’ bequeathed to the couple was a fully paid honeymoon vacation in Diani and a plot of land in Isinya valued at Ksh 1 million with a functional greenhouse.

Executive bridal motorcade

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