Home Entertainment Bizarre ritual? Turkeys circle a dead cat (video)

Bizarre ritual? Turkeys circle a dead cat (video)


Nairobi, March 4, In what many consider a bizarre occurrence, a Massachusetts resident filmed what was said to be turkeys  ‘mourning’ a dead cat. Perhaps of greater interest, was the level of devotion demonstrated by the estimated 20 wild turkeys .

Curious and cautious: Turkeys circle a dead cat

Many theories abound in trying to decipher what was happening in the scene. Some wondered whether it was a death ritual. There were suggestions of the turkeys mourning the dead cat.

The cat had exhausted the proverbial nine lives

In folklore, cats have been associated with magic spells. This notion may have spiced up what was already a peculiar scene. Experts, however, were quick to dismiss most of these theories.

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A wildlife biologist explained that the behavior was a perfect cocktail of curiosity and fear. Curiosity as the turkeys tried to understand what had transpired and the fear of a what was once a potential predator.

Ravens are considered to be highly intelligent

Other queer behavior in wildlife has been observed among crows that seemingly mourn their dead. The special attention paid by ravens to a fallen comrade has been decoded as a search for the causative death threat to avoid it in the future.

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Elephants on the other hand exhibit a heart-rendering mourning ritual. These intelligent beasts cry their hearts out for days and attempt to give their buddy a decent burial using branches and twigs

A mother elephant mourning her calf in Kenya

Chimpanzees and several members of the ape family have been also recorded to show great level of emotions especially on the death of a family member. Back to our “turkeys mourn a dead cat” video… were they mourning? solemn contemplation? We may never know for sure.

A young chimpanzee mourns in Congo

Meanwhile, watch the peculiar scene in the video below:


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