Home Crime Kilimani mum vows to kill mpango wa kando (Viral Video)

Kilimani mum vows to kill mpango wa kando (Viral Video)


Nairobi, March 12, ‘Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned’ so said William Congreve. Definitely nor hell a fury like a Kilimani Mum scorned by a clande. So, what do you do when yo find that the man of your dreams is cheating on you?

Letting the anger Range on his toys

A viral video of a woman coercing her man to declare his love and allegiance has caused a stir in the interwebs. The seemingly enraged Kenyan woman recorded a video message directed to her husband’s mistress.

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A polite reminder… may be

Apparently, the lady identified as Wanja, got news of the clandestine love affair by snooping on the man’s phone. Her worst fears were confirmed by a series of text messages and calls from the mistress, Janet.

Moving on and out… with everything

In the viral video, the woman utters unprintables to a certain Janet whom she accuses of messing with her relationship. The visibly scorned Kilimani mum threatens to eliminate Janet should she ever find her with the man, Morgan.

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Watch the viral video below


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