Why elephants are being born without tusks (Shocking)

Nairobi, March 18 – The increased number of elephants being born without tusks has become a puzzling phenomena. Whereas it is not strange to come across an elephant born without tusks, it is the tremendous increase in such incidences that is causing alarm.

Tuskless elephants

In the movie Jurassic Park, Dr. Malcolm ardently elucidates that no matter the degree of control one thinks they have, “LIFE FINDS A WAY.” And mother nature may be slowly finding a way for the majestic African giants.

According to researchers, the phenomena may be explained by a dwindling genetic pool resulting from poaching. Poachers have targeted elephants with the best ivory.

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Satao with the iconic ivories. Painting by Karen Laurence Rowe

A recent case is the killing of the majestic tuskers Satao I and Satao II in Tsavo National Park, Kenya. It is estimated that there are only 21 tuskers remaining in Africa and they are at the brink of extinction due to poaching.

Poaching has wiped out more than a third of the elephant population across Africa in less than 10 years. The surviving elephants -mostly tuskless- pass on the gene to their calves.

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An elephant with magnificent tusks

Conservationists however warn that tuskless elephants are “crippled.” This is due to the important functions played by tusks including feeding, self-defense and sexual display.

Unfortunately, it is not in all cases that nature is able to step-in and save a species from human-driven extinction.

Watch the clip extract from Jurassic Park below:

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