When icebergs come drifting home

Nairobi, April 20, Sometimes you go looking for adventure, at other times, the adventure comes looking for you. The residents of Newfoundland, Canada just woke up to a rarely adventurous sight right at their doorsteps – a massive iceberg.

The massive iceberg at Newfoundland, Canada

Towering 45-metre high, the ice mountain block drifted near the shore of the otherwise sleepy town waking it to life. The iceberg has become an instant hit with tourists flocking to witness and takes photos with the phenomena. Interestingly, even the town’s mayor proclaimed that the iceberg is the greatest he has ever seen.

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Cars parked by the roadside as people make a stopover

Icebergs are not a rare phenomenon in this locality. However, the massive size of the iceberg and its proximity to the shore make it a sight to behold. Beyond the attractiveness, massive icebergs cause a serious threat to sea travel especially when they drift into shipping lanes.

Taking pictures with the iceberg in the background

Since the sinking of the Titanic, however, the International Ice Patrol was formed to address the threat posed by icebergs. The organization produces charts on the location and distribution of icebergs based on data collected in reconnaissance flights. Captains use the charts to maneuver the dangerous Atlantic waters.

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Zaria Forman paints icebergs by applying pastels using her fingers

Global warming and strong winds have been pointed responsible for the unusually many icebergs breaking off and floating away from the Greenland ice sheet. Here is another reason to wake up everyday with enthusiasm… you never know what adventure will be waiting as you step out of your house.

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