Surrender: Hessy warns Sling Berry

Nairobi, June 23, “Under the aperture” that is how the famous cops (hessys) that hound out criminals in Nairobi’s Eastland area refer to those under the police watchlist. Last night, it was Blackest Widow’s turn to put the latest suspect in the spotlight. Stacy Wanjiku a.k.a. Sling Berry became an instant hit on Facebook within a few hours.

Posts by Stacy alias Sling Berry

Trouble started from her Facebook posts, some of which she has since then deleted. These posts suggested affiliation with the wrong side of the law. In one post, for instance, Sling Berry scolded those who spy for police officers, “Nyii watu mnapeana maboi wetu kwa masanse tunawaona.” (Those informing on our boyfriends to the police, we are watching you). “Sisi atutambui serikali, tunajitambua wenyewe…” (We don’t recognize the government agents, we are a force on our own.)

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A Facebook post by Sling Berry

In other posts, Sling Berry claimed allegiance to the dreaded gaza gang that has been under the police watch for various crimes in Kayole and Dandora. “wale wa team gaza. Apana tambua serikali“. (Those who belong to Gaza. We don’t respect the government (agents)). Apparently, Stacy turned 18 years old in April this year. Sling Berry is also set to sit for her KCSE in a few months time.

Stacy alias Sling Berry

Sling Berry, a mother to a toddler boy, crossed the red line after ignoring Blackest Widow’s pleas to mend her ways or take a job offer. In a Facebook chat, she dared Blackest Widow to go ahead and blow the cover. And in a spin of minutes, she found herself officially under watch with Hesy  wa Kayole reminding her that “beauty is not bullet proof” probably referring to her innocent demeanor.

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The post by Blackest Widow

One Facebook user claimed that 92 youths suspected or caught in crime have been fallen either by police bullets or mob justice in Nairobi since February 2017. Among them is Clea adi Vybz another suspected member of the gang. A majority of those killed are said to haileither from Kayole or Dandora. As many reminded Sling Berry in sheng, “formnikureform” (reforming is the only way). At Sauti, it is our earnest prayer that Stacy heeds these pleas and hopefully gets her butt out of the sling before the aperture shuts.

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