Strippers “entertain” South African Prisoners

Nairobi, June 27, Prisons are perhaps one of the least places one would wish to end up in. But behind those high walls, under the watch of manned watchtowers, South African prisoners received an unforgettable “entertainment.” Scantily dressed in black bodysuits and thigh-high boots, they had strippers doing what they do best – entertain.

The strippers pulling an inmates trousers

Johannesburg’s “Sun City” prison was commemorating the June Youth Month celebrations. To spice up the event at the correctional facility, the prison administration invited entertainers. And who would provide better entertainment to the hardcore male criminals than strippers. The correctional facility houses some of the most violent South African prisoners.

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One of the strippers dancing with an inmate

Photos circulating online showed strippers making physical contact with unidentified male inmates as other South African prisoners and wardens looked on. The incidence has seen 13 officers suspended pending further investigation for what has been referred to as “a major security breach and violation of prison protocols.”

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A Philippines stripper pole dancing

The Youth Month celebrations are a dedicated tribute to the estimated 175 people, mainly students, killed in the anti-apartheid Soweto Uprising in 1976. Among other controversial prison entertainments is the Bilibid Prison, Philippines where inmates lived a life of luxury. The prison offered among other things a stripper bar, sauna, and air-conditioning.

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