Senator breastfeeds while moving motion in parliament (video)

Nairobi, June 29, It may not sound a big deal to breastfeed in parliament, neither is moving a motion anything worth writing home about. But breastfeeding while moving a motion in the Senate is quite plausible. It takes great dedication to stand on the parliament’s floor with a passionately suckling baby.

Senator Larissa Waters breastfeeding her daughter Alia Joy

This was the scene in the Australia’s Upper House parliament. Senator Larissa Waters and her 14-week old baby girl Alia Joy were the center of attention. Senator Waters was moving a motion on black lung disease that affects coal miners.

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Senator Larissa Waters with baby Alia Joy sleeping

The smiles that greeted Senator Waters as she moved the motion spoke the unspoken. It was clear that Senator Waters received approval and admiration from her fellow legislators. Besides being a rare occurrence, it showed commitment both to motherhood and serving in the legislative capacity.

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Hey girl. Alia Joy plays with a senator inside the Senate

Baby Alia Joy has been a regular attendee during the Senate’s proceedings. She probably is the youngest attendee of the frequent parliament meetings where she keeps her mother Senator Waters company. Besides, Alia Joy has severally had the privilege to breastfeed at the Senates floor. Hopefully, leaders across the globe will emulate Senator Waters’ zeal in serving their electorate.

Watch the viral video below:

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