How NASA is planning to rig the 2017 General Election, details

A series of papers seen by purport that the NASA alliance is working on plans of rigging the 2017 election.

A few weeks back, Aden Duale- the leader of majority in parliament claimed that NASA had hired hackers to infiltrate the IEBC system during the polls.

Indeed, his claims have been corroborated by a series of papers in which NASA is said to have hired Ghanaian nationals to help in the rigging.

For starters, NASA has reportedly hired Joseph (Joe) Anokye who is believed to have been instrumental in the outcome of the recent Ghanaian Presidential election.

Anokye is a Telecommunication Executive, a specialist in Telecommunication Networks and Cyber Security platforms.

He has worked for the American NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) as a team leader of technicians with the capability to plan, configure, install and manage robust secure traffic engineered for the transportation of multimedia (data, voice and video) to space, satellites, space crafts, drones and other technically challenging network assignments. 

Joe Joseph Anokye, the Ghanaian nationl hired by NASA to orchestrate the hacking on IEBC. Photo: Ghanaweb

In his Kenyan task, Anokye works closely with a team of coders and hackers who have been tasked with creating a back-door in order to manipulate the data that will be relayed to tallying centres.

NASA is using the adopt a polling station strategy for setting up centres in Tanzania, Nairobi and Germany. The recent tensions between Kenya and Tanzania can be attributed to Maghufuli’s support for Raila and masking the establishment of the tallying centres.

And it gets juicier, Anokye works closely with a CIA spy Jeffrey T. Smith who was involved in the Ghanaian Election of 2016.

Political mercenary Jeffrey T. Smith, allegedly, a spy from the CIA with a very clandestine background. Smith was also heavily involved in Ghana’s last election with Anokye’s team. Photo : Courtesy

Smith works with Vanguard Africa whose list of affiliates consist of people associated with treason, moles, radical Islamism, fierce revolutions, private equity investments, aid, publishing pieces in media, influencing, capacity building and governance issues especially in sub-Saharan Africa.

Interestingly, John Githongo is part of Vanguard’s advisory council.

John Githongo is one member of Vanguard’s advisory council of an institution with its own ‘vision of change’. Photo:

NASA has also set up tallying centres in Tanzania, Nairobi and Germany. Another tallying centre project is under the infamous wheeler-dealer, Jimmy Wanjigi who is the core NASA financier.

The Star Newspaper is also said to be a big part of the scheme under the stewardship of Patrick Quarcoo.

Radio Africa Group’s head, Patrick Quarcoo (PQ) Photo:

Last month, their website was temporarily unavailable as the networking engineers worked during peak traffic to project better content rather than pro-NASA propaganda.

Billionaire Wheeler-dealer, Jimmy Wanjigi who is said to be funding the NASA campaigns

This was after Kenyans on Twitter claimed that The Star was media on hire and was being used by NASA to advance propaganda. has also learnt that the recent strikes are politically motivated are meant  to sway the general public by painting the current regime in bad light.

Wilson Sossion has been the KNUT Secretary General and is remembered for his fiery acts for teachers in the past. He is credited for several He is now nominated by the ODM party under a list of nominees to the National Assembly after he did not actualize his promise to run for the Governor’s seat in Bomet against NASA’s fifth principal, Isaac Ruto.

The company with its own agenda for change in the coming General Election

Sossion had in 2016 declared that there would be no teacher’s strike for four years after the signing of a CBA with the TSC but came back 9 months later threatening to institute industrial action at the very shortest notice over TSC.

While it is within their constitutional rights to strike, there seems to be a pattern of strikes ranging from the doctors to teachers and most recently, the nurses.

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